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The Palestinian Electricity Transmission Company (PETL) is the first national governmental company to supervise the construction and operation of a national transmission system for electric power, as it represents the only entity authorized to purchase electric power and to transfer it to the Palestinian market. In its session held on October 1, 2013, the Palestinian Council of Ministers approved the decision to register the National Electricity Transmission Company as a public government company, in implementation of Article (18) of the General Electricity Law of 2009.

The establishment of (PETL) company comes in line with the national strategic plan for the energy sector (2011-2013), which is one of its most important responsibilities to meet the growing needs through various sources, in order to ensure the achievement of diversification in the provision of electric energy, and to regulate the technical and financial relationship between the sources of local electric energy. And importing and distribution companies. PETL is expected to contribute to improving electricity market conditions, reducing technical losses in the electrical system, and obtaining competitive purchase prices.

strategic goals:

  • Adopting the sole buyer and partner model in regulating the Palestinian electricity sector.
  • Raising the level of electricity services provided to distribution companies.
  • Achieving diversification in the supply of electricity through concluding energy purchase agreements with local electricity generation sources and interconnection agreements with neighboring countries.
Chairman's speech

Ladies/gentlemen, visitors to the website
May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you

Allow me, at the beginning of my speech, to greet you with the most beautiful greetings and to welcome you to the official website of the National Electricity Transmission Company, this company that was established in line with future visions for the development of the Palestinian electricity sector and in fulfillment of the directives of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", may God protect him, and the Prime Minister Dr.. Rami Hamdallah to develop the electricity sector to ensure that it responds to the increasing demand for electric energy and to reach the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness in providing electricity-related services. The official website of the National Electricity Transmission Company will constitute a window on the goals, tasks and departments of the company, in addition to the various projects, the most prominent achievements and future and development plans.

I am honored, as I bear the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the National Electricity Transmission Company, to assure you that a new phase of the development of this sector has begun to promote an advanced model for linking electrical energy sources with distribution networks to raise the efficiency of the electrical system and achieve sustainability in the provision of service throughout the country.

The National Transmission Company will work with the rest of the components of the Palestinian electricity system, including generation and distribution companies, and under the supervision of the Energy and Natural Resources Authority, to implement strategic plans to develop the Palestinian electricity sector, enhance the independence of Palestinian electricity networks, and increase the contribution of new and renewable energy sources in the Palestinian energy mix, which contributes to reducing costs and reducing pollution. environmental.

We certainly have many challenges ahead of us, but we are confident and optimistic that the concerted efforts and continuous support we receive from the Palestinian leadership will lead to achieving our goals of building a strong, independent, and sustainable electricity sector. Welcome to our website .. Welcome to the website of the National Electricity Transmission Company.


Dr. Emad Breik

General Manager's Speech

Ladies/gentlemen, visitors to the website
May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you

The National Electricity Transmission Company, being the sole company responsible for building and operating the electric transmission system, is the engine and main guarantor of the security and stability of the energy system in Palestine.

The company's responsibility is based on operating the electrical system, within the sole buyer model, on transferring electrical energy from its production sites to its consumption centers, studying the load expectations and developing strategic plans to meet the expected loads, by signing purchase and energy exchange agreements with independent producers of conventional and alternative energy.

The goals and plans set by the company confirm the company's serious endeavor to enhance electrical supplies with high reliability and lower costs by working to build an electric transmission system according to the latest standards and technologies in force internationally. Thus, the company contributes to creating a new, effective and sustainable market for electricity in Palestine, and this is what will achieve our vision. In improving the standard of living of citizens, and enhancing economic competitiveness.

I welcome you to the company's website, which will be the company's window to you for its various events and activities and a point of contact with you to hear your comments and suggestions. You are welcome.

Engineer Nashat Abu Bakr

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Our message

Ensuring the continuous and reliable provision of electric power to the Palestinian people in accordance with international standards, and at economical prices, in addition to achieving optimal investment in the electricity transmission infrastructure.

Our vision

Improving the standard of living of citizens, and enhancing economic competitiveness.

Our motto

PETL..a new era of energy